For advertisers and agencies.

INSTASEE provides time-based measurement metrics, specific video-viewing time in seconds. This duration data is precipitated by an interested consumer responding directly to your advertising, and enables you, for the first time, to understand the final behavior of your end users. No other system enables advertisers and agencies to do this, and INSTASEE is also highly (one click) attractive to consumers with an interest in a specific advertised product.


MEASURES ACTIONS NOT JUST IMPRESSIONS: INSTASEE is a next-generation video distribution platform operating across all media, computers and mobiles with incomparable accompanying metrics. Our breakthrough metrics measure consumer video-viewing time in consumer/brand seconds. Our patented process reports time of unique exposure to the second, rather than limiting you to the number of impressions served. Videos are accessed instantly from source media carrying ads that are linked to INSTASEE. And our innovative metrics are unique in that they are common to both online and offline media: both time-based measurements and GRP (Gross Rating Points).

DELIVERS TIME BASED MEASUREMENT: this enables you to move away from an impression-based currency and allows advertisers to adopt a full screen approach and build

  • brand awareness,
  • brand recall, and
  • intent to purchase.
through enabling consumer interaction with soft keys designed to create the best possible viewing experience. We provide ''hard'' statistics reflecting real-time actions as opposed to the usual soft data that relies on multiple hypotheses, deductions, speculations, consolidations and calculations. INSTASEE is a real cross-media response-measurement tool that shows total campaign performance at a glance , right down to the performance of a single medium in a campaign.

PROVIDES A CROSS-MEDIA PLATFORM: INSTASEE enables you to connect consumers responding to your print or billboard advertising to the power of your full-screen audiovisual video messages. In so doing, it enables you to retain those consumers within your company’s web/electronic environment, all the time measuring how long they spend viewing in each field or on each feature.

DELIVERS ONLINE VIDEO 24/7: INSTASEE allows you to directly interact with a targeted, attentive consumer through the power of a strong video message online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your video will be available ''on demand'' from any computer or mobile on a clutter-free full screen platform.

OPTIMIZES SEARCH ENGINES: INSTASEE provides the interested consumer with the specific information they want, and ONLY that information, in one simple computer/mobile transaction: one click,, instantly with no search. "What you want to know and only what you want to know". "Being found" is one of the most important and cost-effective ways to attract customers on the internet. INSTASEE ensures that those consumers using the web to search for a product or service find it easily, resulting in a more targeted lead for the advertiser and an easier search process for the consumer.

GIVES YOU THE DATA YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED: INSTASEE identifies the source of each inquiry (which publication, which ad, which medium, etc.) so that you now know ''who'' is making the inquiry thanks to that medium's demographics. INSTASEE is the only system that identifies your target audience by consumer segment, tracks and measures all your advertising in real-time across all media and presents the results daily on an easy-to-read dashboard format. Your media buys feed into the INSTASEE information delivery system to provide you with the answers to: "Is the message getting through?" "Is the advertising working?" "Which medium is bringing the best results?" “How can we improve the cost-effectiveness of the campaign?”